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Hewlett Packard (HP) is a Multinational Technology Company which is based in California, USA. HP is famous for its wide variety of software products by means of all type of business. HP develops and provides personal automated devices like scanners, printers, computers etc. The Hewlett-Packard manufacture HP printers with world-class features and component to deliver high-quality work performance. There are millions of active users of HP printers all over the world who believe in HP products. To support those users to fix their queries and problem related to HP printers HP has HP Printer Customer Support Number team.

HP printers have multiple versions that perform different works according to customers’ requirements. Due to hi-tech features of HP printers users stick with a problem to handle it. Like other automatic devices HP printers also shows several issues to users, these problems might be related to new technology or models of printers. To overcome such issues contact with trustworthy customers support service. Here, our tech support team offer an instant solution to your all issues in short span of time. You need to only contact us through HP printer Customer Care number. We allow users to call 24×7 hours to ask their problem.

The Evolution of HP Printer

It is almost three decades since HP launched its first Inkjet printer and after that, it never looked back and playing a vital role in the development of Print Technology and the related devices as well in the print industry. HP started its journey in 1984, with the launch of HP Inkjet which was the predecessor of today’s DeskJet and OfficeJet Printers. It replaced the noisy Dot matrix printer but used the same fanfold, tractor-feed paper with an impressive speed of one hundred and fifty characters per second. It changed the technology in a revolutionized manner as printer head and printer cartridge become part of HP printer.

After the first launch, it improvised the technology in a better manner and launched its second generation printer and that was HP DeskJet in 1988 which was the first single sheet printer and that was fit for the desk and has a laser quality resolution of 300dpi and with a print speed 2ppm and became the game changer in the print industry and over one million users showed it that they have a trust in the HP printer.


The success of DeskJet printer encouraged HP to design and develop the colored printer and they launched yet another new revolution in the form of DeskJet 500C in the year 1991 and it was the HP’s first mainstream colored printer with C M Y cartridge which can print color images with 300dpi which provide the users for the first time to print their documents in the colored format in an affordable rate. HP DeskJet 500C had two major drawbacks and the first one was not that much big as it was able to print only colored print with no black cartridge and secondly, it was used to print a page in 4 minutes which was really high but both the issues were sorted out within a year and HP Deskjet 500C became the first printer to print black and white and colored.

HP printer continued to evolve its printer’s technology and its team improvised the printer many a time after that. Even in 1993, it launched its new technology-based printer and that was DeskJet 1200C which was a four colored printer with black and white with the speed of 6ppm which provided the option for the users to go for it.

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  The innovation, base of HP printer

Printer Customer Service

By that time improvisation and innovation became the synonym of HP Printer they continuously keep changes in the printer’s technology as they brought DeskJet 1600C in 1995 with the printing speed of 9ppm and couple of years later it brought  DeskJet 660C with drastic changes in the printer with the 600dpi and 6ppm speed of print rate. Innovation continued and HP printer brought some more improvised printer with improved colored printer and some more speed of printing.

This was not the stoppage for the HP as it innovated some more in the printing technology as it entered into the proper photo printing and outcome was in the form of DeskJet 690C which was used to support an optional photo cartridge which could print at 600dpi in black and white and 600x300dpi in color printer.

Stoppage was not in the dictionary of HP printer and it innovate yet another version of it and touched yet another milestone in printing technology and provided a boost in the print industry by launching the first-ever multifunctional printer in the form of OfficeJet Pro 1150 in 1997 which was one of itself in the print industry which could print, scan and copy with a single machine. It was a good option for the smaller organization and really paved the way for the multi-function devices and these products are still dominating the industry in a realistic manner.

After that, it launched many improvised printers with innovative technology. Its experiments are still going on and it used to launch every now and then its new techno-based printers for the different purpose. Nowadays multi functional printers are in demand and the users whether they are individual or holding any small business, they used to prefer it which are within their budget and fulfill the purpose. It can be clearly understood and observed that whatever the progress took place in the field of the printer. HP was the front runner among all due to its timely innovative ideas and changes in the technology which helped it in enhancing the business and at the same time, it helped the users too, to utilize the best printing technology in the world. HP printer brought many new innovative techniques which provide a boost not only to the printing world and the users but to itself also in enhancing the brand image in the world.

That’s not enough as the users might have faced some technical hiccups while using HP printer whatever the model it could be. HP printer always provided an option to its users to resolve the technical issues whether it is individual or an organization. We are a third-party technical service provider for the HP printer where we can assist our users who face any kind of technical error and need some assistance. Well, they should not worry as the users will get assistance through HP printer Technical Support number where our well qualified and skilled experts will help the users in resolving the issues within a short period of time. Our service will be available 24×7 online.