Error code 0xc19a0035

HP Printer is a very famous and popular brand among all other printers which is trusted by users round the world. It is known for providing high-quality printing with the least minimum efforts. While using HP printer people confront many errors like device driver not working, the printer does not respond, unable to print and many more. Some of these errors can be solved on your own but few issues are very challenging that demand guidance of the professionals who can be contacted by dialing HP Printer customer Care number reachable at all hours in a day.

HP Error code 0xc19a0035 is one very common technical glitch that occurs in independent head cartridge area. The printer with the head cartridge is the latest technology printer that consists of four ink cartridge and a print head that unites like a tricolor ink cartridge. In order to solve this error code user must try to turn off and turn on the printer twice and thrice to check if the problem is resolved. If the error still persists then just go through the solution steps:

How to fix error code 0xc19a0035

  • Open the part of the printer which gives you access to the cartridge
  • Remove the print cartridge head
  • Now clean the lower part of the chip that connects to an ink cartridge with a napkin soaked in isopropyl alcohol
  • Make sure to clean it properly and then place the cartridge again to its respective place

Then try giving the print command to the printer, if the error is still not fixed then you can try to reset the printer and if this also fails to eradicate the issue then it is high time that you should replace the print head of the cartridge.

How to reset the Printer to fix 0xc19a0035

  • Unplug the power cable and wait for 20 seconds
  • Press # and 3 buttons from the front of the printer and make the connection again
  • And turn on the printer after releasing the buttons

After executing the steps in the given sequence you failed to rectify the issue then you must get help from customer care via HP Printer Customer support number available 24×7 hours in a day throughout the year. Annihilating the problem from the base and customer satisfaction is the end objective of the operatives.

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