How to fix HP printer error when reason is unknown?


Usually, we face technical error during use of HP printer. It is very common for all printers that it shows error on monitor clearly but what happens when the cause is unknown. Many users try hard to know the reason for issues but they get failed. If the same situation occurs also with you then instead of the chase to find its error reason and exact solution, try a better way to fix it. Just try the series of routine troubleshooting steps first and if it doesn’t work than simply dial HP printer support number and ask to fix it. This number is of the technical support team of HP printer which is 24/7 available.

Step 1.

Check the cables of HP printer and make sure it is properly connected. If you unable to find out then turn off the printer, unplug it and disconnect all printer cables. Again plug it and turn on the printer and see the error has clear or not.

Step 2.

Make sure that your HP printer cartridge and print heads have installed properly. Also, check ink quantity in the cartridge. Replace empty cartridge or fill it and again install in the printer.

Step 3.

Check HP printer software if it is properly installed. If any issue is with its software then uninstall and reinstall the HP printer software.

Step 3.

In HP printer software check its setting. Make sure there are margins set to at least minimum margins of HP printer support. Also, check you have selected correct printer setting as well as paper size and type of documents.

Step 4.

In the system tray of the HP printer do double-click at the bottom right of the screen. When it open then read the error message at the status of printing queue. If necessary then right click and cancel it.

After following these instructions your HP printer issues are same as before then you can take help of HP printer customer support through HP printer tech support number. Which is always reachable for all customers. At the single call, the customer gets their solution soon.

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