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How to fix when HP printer is offline?

 Nowadays time is everything, we all try to save time to complete the work within deadline especially for the office worker. In private sector or for office workers time is more valuable therefore during work if printer gets offline it became too annoying because it slows your workflow. It may be frustrating for anyone, so fix this issue you can follow the instruction. Users can also dial HP printer customer support number and ask to dissolve the issue.

To fix this issue follow these steps and turn online your HP printer.

Step 1.

Check the printer cable and make sure it is properly connected to the computer.

Step 2.

Turn of HP printer and restart it. May possibly it back to online.

Step 3.

Make sure the toner or ink cartridge is sufficient if it is low or empty then change it.

Step 4.

Check the residue of torn paper, paper clips, sticky label or another item which may cause printer jam. Any of them may resist getting printer online.

Step 5.

Now set up the HP printer as your default printer and check if it is reset to online status. Select the “Control panel” from the start menu. Then select “printers and other hardware”. Again select the printer that is offline. Select “Printer” and click to “Set printer as default.”

If the printer turns to online status then it is good. But it may possible that your printer has some different technical issues and you could not fix it. If it happens then simply ask tech support team for a solution. Just dial HP printer troubleshooting number which is 24 × 7 available. The customer support team of HP printer provide its service all the time. Technicians of tech support are skilled and trained to fix all issues related to HP printer.

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