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HP Printer Setup Installation Help


The company Hewlett Packard has various models of HP printers. HP printers have the best printing feature due to advance technology. Hence it has advanced printing technology, therefore, installation of new HP printer may difficult. When users buy old HP printer then they can use it without tension but when the printer is new users need help to install it. If HP printer comes with installation disc then it is easy to install it. If new users of HP stuck with installation and set-up problem of HP printer then tech support team is ready to help them through HP printer installation help number anytime when users need. By the help of these steps, users can install HP printer without installation disc.

Guidance to install HP printer without disc:

Step 1. Find out the model number of HP printer, it may be on front or back side of the printer.

Step 2. Now visit the website of HP printer and download the appropriate drivers. To download correct drivers for your printer choose the operating system and enter the model number of HP printer.

Step 3. According to package instructions connect the HP printer to the computer.

Step 4. Click on the start menu of the computer and select “Control Panel” and then select “Printers” under “Hardware.” Click on “Add a Printer.” To install printer use this port.

Step 5. At this port select the HP printer and the model number of the HP printer. Now click to “Next” and all wizard to install the HP printer.

Step 6. To make sure you have successfully installed the printer, print a test page and if you have done successfully then continue your work.

 For setup installation of HP primer without installation disc, you can use these steps. It may possible these steps don’t help you in such case you can call to technical support team through HP printer customer service  number. This number is open for 24 × 7 for all HP printer users to dissolve their problems. A team of tech support has trained technicians whose provide a solution of all issues related to HP printers.

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