HP printer will not print

How to fix when HP printer will not print

When your HP printer not print it may have various reason behind it. Maybe your HP printer has connectivity issue, empty cartridge or fault with the driver. To fix the issues when HP printer, not print follow the instruction given below. Although your issue remains same and you face trouble then dial HP printer helpline number anytime to get the solution to issues.

  1. Basic troubleshooting:

When the HP printer stops to print then, first of all, try all basic troubleshooting procedure.

  • Make sure your printer is properly connected to the computer.
  • Check the network connection of HP printer works normally.
  • Restart the HP printer.
  • Turn off your printer and remove all cords and after few minutes plug all cord back and power on HP printer.


  1. Set HP printer as default:

If your HP printer doesn’t print then set it as the default printer, to set it to follow the instruction:

  • To open run dialog press Windows key + R key on the keyboard.
  • Control panel will open then select devices and printer.
  • Click on printer section and right click on HP printer.

  • Select it as the default

  • To make sure your HP printer has set as default printer check tick below the icon of JP printer.

  1. Cancel all printing job:

When the print queue stuck may cause reason to not print because the failed job of printing stop function and lead to not printing. To fix the issue of the printer not print you can try to cancel all printing job of the printer and check again.

  • In control panel open devices and printer to cancel printing job.

  • Now do a right click to HP printer from printer section?

  • Open the printer menu and select to open as administrator.

  • Again open printer menu and select cancel all documents.

  • Confirm your action by press enter.

  • After the cancellation of all printing job of your printer again check if it runs


If the issue of HP printer, not print is still same then you can take help of technical support team via HP printer customer support number any time when you feel free to call.

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