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How to fix when HP printer won’t turn on?

Printer shows many problems during printing of documents which also include power problems. Behind this issue, many factors work including hardware issues which need to solve out. To fix it you can either follow given steps or take help of technical support team through HP printer technical support number anytime you want.

Step 1.

Plug the power cable of the printer into the power outlet. Now press the power button and wait for power blinking or power light indicator to flash. If the power light doesn’t blink or flash press the power button again but not too long.

Step 2.

From the power, outlet disconnects the printer power supply and make sure for any visible damage. If printer power cable is damaged and under warranty period, then replace it.

Make sure that power cable is attached to the “power module”. Remove the power module from the printer. Into power, outlet connects the power cable. If the power module has a defect then it doesn’t light up. If it happens then replace it.

Step 3.

Now plug the printer to the power supply, again plug the power cable into the power outlet. Check its power cable is properly connected to the power module. If still your HP printer doesn’t turn on then try to plug the power cable into another power outlet. If your printer turn on this time means the problem is a power outlet.

Step 4.

If after following all steps the issue remains same then try this. Unplug USB connector from the back of the printer and then turn on the printer. If printer turns on and starts to work means USB is causing the problem to power on. Replace it and start printing.

When after following these all steps if your HP printer turns on then you can continue your work. If the problem is not getting solved after following the steps, don’t worry because tech support is always ready to help you through HP printer technical support number which is open for 24 × 7. ON the call tech support expert will assist you to fix the problem.

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